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Your financial security is our priority!

Financial services distribution firm, Jonac Verty A.V.A, PL.

Solutions Financiere Verty Inc., a financial services distribution firm

Let’s work together

To achieve your personal long term goals and also to meet your short and medium term needs, we work with you to find the best solutions.
With you, we develop working methods to set your goals, identify the unforeseen and take advantage of new possibilities throughout your life.
I have a range of solutions to offer to meet your needs. Whether it’s a simple budget or a complex strategy, I can help you achieve lasting financial security for:
  • Develop an approach that includes RRSPs, TFSAs or RESPs;
  • Grow your investments with GICs, mutual funds or segregated funds;
  • Protect your family against the unexpected with term, permanent or universal life insurance;
  • Convert your savings into income at retirement using annuity products, RRIFs or LIFs;
  • Explore options for health, disability or critical illness insurance.
You can benefit from my professional experience and my access to a wide variety of industry leading insurance and investment products. I’ll help you build a financial strategy that meets your needs.