Financial Products & Services

Your financial security is our top priority!

Benefit from my knowledge, tailor-made financial products and services.

I can help you in the following areas:

  • Life Insurance Calculator: By spending a few minutes with me, I can help you better calculate the right amount of life insurance for your financial situation that you might consider to ensure that you protect your loved ones in the distant future after your death. .

  • Retirement Savings Calculator: Take a moment with me to better understand how much money you should aim to save for retirement based on your retirement goals. I’ll be sure to help you reach your financial goals every step of the way!

  • Budget Calculator: Know where your money is going with this monthly budget calculator. See if you can balance your books or not.

Accelerate the growth of your savings thanks to contributions deductible from taxable income.

A great way to save for your children’s or grandchildren’s post-secondary education.

Convert your plans and start earning a well-earned retirement income.

I can help you invest RRSP savings well into great retirement income options.

Save for a goal and pay no tax on your investment income!

Protect your capital and at the same time benefit from a guaranteed rate of return on investment.

Life annuity
The income generated by this insurance product will provide you with retirement income for life.

Segregated funds
Save to reach your goals. This product will help you enjoy a hassle-free retirement with segregated fund contracts that offer both growth and security.

Personal health insurance
This product will provide you with coverage for medical expenses that are not covered by a provincial plan.

Critical illness insurance
This product will help pay for the costs associated with life changing illnesses.

Travel insurance (offered by a partner)
These products cover medical expenses and vacation cancellations. In addition to providing emergency medical coverage to anyone who visits.

Long term care insurance
This product offers you an income-like benefit if you can no longer take care of yourself due to the deterioration of your physical or mental capacities.

Disability Insurance
This great product helps protect your income if you become disabled and can no longer work.

Term life insurance
Flexible and generally affordable insurance to protect those closest to you.

Permanent life insurance
Lifetime protection and potential dollar value increase over time.

Participating life insurance
This product offers permanent life insurance protection and opportunities for tax-advantaged cash value growth.

Universal life insurance
All-in-one product offering the protection you need and increased savings.

Insurance for business owners
This product will help protect you, your associates, your employees and your loved ones.

Family insurance
This life insurance product and critical illness insurance package go a long way in protecting your family and your family finances.

Mortgage insurance
This product will assure you that the purchase of a home has options to protect your mortgage.